Bryant Park Day 2-3-4!

Day 2. Load in was a family affair
Our beautiful art nouveau handbag displays. Thank you Andrea!
Mushmina hand-embroidered wallets
Day 3: Progress!

Bryant Park Day 2. The whole family came to help load in furniture and products. Mom packed dinner and we worked until midnight. Day 3. Lighting installation. Thank god for dad. Day 4. After some major rain we only had a minor puddle. Signage still needs changing but overall we are almost there.

5 thoughts on “Bryant Park Day 2-3-4!

  1. Gorgeous, Heather and Katie!! Much congratulations to both of you!! I will have to make a trip into the new store! Much love and luck sent your way, Ladies! xoxo


  2. Although the photos make the items look good, seeing everything in person is so much better! Seeing both of you was absolutely wonderful.
    You’re doing great, great work.


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