Is it humanly possible to travel 1000 kilometers by public transport in Morocco in a day? …only if the universe is working with you. Anyone that lives or has lived here knows exactly what I mean.

Alas, the trip to bring you more beautiful shibka fabric started in Casablanca and ended in a town they call the ‘Gate of the Sahara’. 24 hours, a bus, 3 taxis, and a train later I bring you our latest collection. Enjoy!

Casablanca! Day 1

Bus takes 15 and I stop and smell the flowers

on the edge of the Sahara

Oh hmdulla 'thank god' the fabric I've come a long way for

1 hour later and a bag full of shibka, back to the taxi station and head home

I bring you the latest collection of colors!

A rainbow of a Sunday…

March 27, 2011

It’s a sunny Sunday and no ordinary laundry is drying on my roof!

Check out the Mauritania shbka fabric pre handbag phase. Each piece is 4 meters long, hand-dyed, and brought into the south of Morocco from Mauritania. Limited edition bags and scarves this spring. Put your orders in!

Shbka fabrics drying in the sun

We are pleased to announce that our Spring Mauritania Gypsy Sacks have arrived!

Made exclusively from stunning (and hard to come by) shbka fabrics from Mauritania. Get your limited edition bag now on etsy!  Available in assorted colors. xo Mushmina

Gypsy sacks available on $85

To our dad, uncles, cousins, and all the Irish of the world…We hope you are drinking a pint and making merry.

Happy St. Patricks Day! xo Mushmina

A little Irish creativity....traditional St Patrick's Day badges from the early 20th century

Prayers for Japan

March 13, 2011

We would like to send love + light to all our friends in Japan who have been affected by the devastating earthquake.

You are in our prayers.

While our spring embroidered totes are in the works….enjoy free shipping on the Mushmina Yellow Mina today!

The Yellow Mina!

It has been a busy month in Morocco at Mushmina spring boot camp. Small sister has just landed from 3 weeks of picking fabrics and creative processing. Stay tuned… we are about to give birth to Mushmina Spring/Summer 2011.

Lavender and Linen

March 1, 2011

We love the ladies of Ait Ourir. 20 minutes outside of Marrakech, this quiet Berber town is home to the most amazing group of women. Embroidery skills like no other… these ladies continue to blow us away with their craftsmanship!

Here is a sneak peak at the Mushmina Spring lavender pouches.

Berber Symbols: Sun and Olive tree.

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