1000 kilometers to the ‘Gate of the Sahara’

Is it humanly possible to travel 1000 kilometers by public transport in Morocco in a day? …only if the universe is working with you. Anyone that lives or has lived here knows exactly what I mean.

Alas, the trip to bring you more beautiful shibka fabric started in Casablanca and ended in a town they call the ‘Gate of the Sahara’. 24 hours, a bus, 3 taxis, and a train later I bring you our latest collection. Enjoy!

Casablanca! Day 1
Bus takes 15 and I stop and smell the flowers
on the edge of the Sahara
Oh hmdulla 'thank god' the fabric I've come a long way for
1 hour later and a bag full of shibka, back to the taxi station and head home
I bring you the latest collection of colors!

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