Road to Oulmes

May 24, 2011

Took a three hour drive into the country today to meet the ladies of Oulmes. The most beautiful rolling hills I have ever seen.

…next stop JFK.

long and winding road...

amazing nature!

a stop at the local souk

Thank you Hafida and ladies for lunch + for your beautiful embroidery!

Stinkin cute totes

May 20, 2011

Introducing the "Blue Sprout" coming soon to etsy!

The totes are in… and too stinking cute!

Each made with striped denim, linen linings, and custom embroidery these bags are great for books or beach!

Our totes were hand-embroidered by ladies in different 4 regions of Morocco and help support beautiful Moroccan handicraft.

$65 coming soon to etsy!

The Karen!

“Slide on an exotic pop of color direct from the Moroccan coast, with Mushmina’s gypsy sack in hand-dyed gauze….”

Read the full article here:  Whirl Traveler, for shopping with the girls.

Thanks Lei Chic!

Mushmina Purples...matching scarves also available!

The Road to Khenifra

May 18, 2011

Things you might view on the long and winding road to Khenifra:
1. poppies 2. sheep  3. a donkey or two 4. the High Atlas Mountain range…
This month we visited the ladies of Khenifa to pick up our Spring 2011 collection of button necklaces.

Spring 2011 Cluster Collection

New this Spring! Beach clusters and chain clusters.
Available in red, purples, blues, or green. email for ordering

The road to Khenifra

Take flight!

May 13, 2011

go ahead, spread your wings,  lift off, take flight.

‘There’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.’ -John Keating.

Feather earrings... landing this week!

Hawaii anyone?

May 10, 2011

A lucky sister just got back from Hawaii! She spent a week snorkling, surfing, and bringing Mushmina to the islands.

You can now shop Mushmina in Guava Shop in the historic town of Haleiwa on the beautiful North Shore. Check out their amazing website. It’ll make you want to book your trip.

Hawaii anyone? yes please.

Guava Style


No time to make it to the North Shore? You can also shop Mushmina in Waikiki at Ronel in the Hilton & Genius Outfitters.

In honor of Mother’s Day we would like to say big thank you to our wonderful mother! She has supported us in so many ways…and we are forever grateful.

Thanks Mom today and always, ….for all you do and for all you are! We love you.

Our mom!

Get mom a beautiful spring scarf this Mothers Day! Cute gift wrapping included. xo

Marrakech Cotton collection

Shop all 3 styles on Etsy $45

Be inspired

May 5, 2011

Striped demin inspired us this spring!
The process: Pick fabric, linen linings, work out the designs and color,  ladies add embroidery, and whalla
……summer totes coming soon!

Summer striped denim


Mushmina totes Phase 1


Embroidery Phase 2


May 4, 2011

Hey friends check out P.S. Poppyseeds, a new shop in Redbank, NJ. The owner (and our friend!) Evie has a great selection of new spring items, the Mushmina collection, and great gifts for mom.

54 English Plaza,  Red Bank, NJ   Ph: (732) 741-1088

New Shop in Redbank!


Katie and Evie

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