Made in collaboration with 30 women in Ait Ourir, a small berber town in Morocco. The purchase of the Ait Ourir tote helps support a dying craft and employ women in Morocco.  Shop here!:

We thank you for your support! xo Mushmina

Got to have it! $55


Latifa and the ladies of Ait Ourir

Feature of the day…

June 27, 2011

The Tangerine Green Tote! Great for beach, books, a summer afternoon. Hand-embroidered by the girls in Khouribga, Morocco.

Buy on etsy


The Khouribga girls!

Summer is here!

June 25, 2011

June just flew by…. did you treat yourself to a summer bag yet?

This month Mushmina has been busy with photoshoots, weddings, and a whole new line of summer bags. Stay tuned!

Feature of the day… The Mauritania Gypsy Sack. Shop on etsy

Photoshoot with Ali


The Spring Army $85 on etsy!

Mushmina has officially moved! Come visit us in our new studio. Located in the historic Neumann Leathers Building in Hoboken, NJ. 300 Observer Highway. 5th floor.

Visit to read more about this Hoboken landmark….an interesting building full of painters, film-makers, drummers, and now Mushmina!

Katie's jewelry workshop

A vintage rocking chair from our grandmother's house.

Holy rooftop!

We love Neumann!

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