Travel and Trust

Sidi Ifni taxi station

I’m back from the south and let me tell you traveling by Moroccan public transportation is all about trust. You don’t quite know how and when you will get home, you just have to trust that you will!

It reminds me of the book Autobiography of a Yogi. There is a chapter where the yogi is traveling and he is tested. Can he arrive in the next town with absolutely no money? Is he willing to release his control and trust that the universe will provide?

In any event, I’m glad to be home.

…Stay tuned for stories from the ladies of Sidi Infi, fabric shopping in the Sahara, and beautiful new jewelry. xo

One thought on “Travel and Trust

  1. Yeah…..for 2 years in Morocco, I felt like a “yogi”. Those 2 years taught me to believe in the power of the universe. Heather, you will always find your way home.



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