Pulling together samples for a wholesale show less then one month after the holidays is borderline crazy!  Yet, somehow is has almost come together.

Lesson of the day: Leave life to work its’ magic and some funny surprises will result.

for no other reason than because it is Wednesday January 18, 2012 and you are exactly where you are supposed to be, choose to be happy today. Don’t future trip, don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday. Just be present, in the moment of today.

As my friend Tracy, a wonderful yoga instructor, would say, “nameste.”




Hawaii cannot get enough of this fabric...and neither can we!

Flea Market Junkie

January 14, 2012

Saturday in Morocco is my favorite day.. I admit I’m a flea market junkie! .. the amazing stuff you find. A beautiful mirror to add to the Mushmina collection, interesting candelabras, boots, bikes, you name it.





Happy Weekend!






Sunny Morocco!

January 7, 2012

Today reminds me why I love this country. Blue, blue sky and warm air in January. I know people think it’s nuts that I don’t have a drier…but mother nature works her magic here.  Very grateful for many things, especially this sunny Saturday.

2012 …off with a bang!

January 4, 2012

ok I’ve got to admit I slept in the last few days and I still don’t feel fully recovered…

but there is no time to waste! Met with Kenza today and the ladies are already excited to start new projects. Katie has flooded my inbox with new design ideas, colors, and inspration for spring 2012. Ok, back on the wagon…here we go.

labas, mzien, kulshi zween!

spring embroidery sneak peak

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