Mushmina is moving!

February 29, 2012

…and it’s not because we don’t love Hoboken. How we will miss it dearly, our new friends at the Neumann Leathers Building, eating bagels at the waterfront park, a coffee or cocktail always only a stones throw away.

Where is Mushmina moving? Stay tuned for our new address, complete with front window seat.

It’s a big day sister.

'Sisters' photo by Robin Craig, Marrakech Morocco. 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2012

Yes even in Morocco they celebrate Valentine’s Day! My local store had a special section dedicated to Valentine’s Day today….full of overpriced stuffed animals.

I think I’ll stick with chocolate! …Make today a day to celebrate love in all it’s many forms. xo

The Mulberry in 2012

Khenifra Woven slippers

February 13, 2012

Put your orders in for our woven slippers!



how fun are these?

We wanted to say a big thanks to the American International Women’s Club of Casablanca! Yesterday’s Valentines’s Day event was Mushmina’s first time selling our products in Morocco. Not only did we have fun debuting our line, but we met some other great entrepreneurs…

Amina from Chez Amina Boutique, Sandra Elmaleh and her kaftan-style loungewear, Sandrine of Les Secrets de Luisa spices, David of Green Sahara Furniture, Laura of Doux Body soaps.

…a dirhim made is a dirham spent. I now have a kaftan, ceramic bowls, loungewear, and a new network of some great people. xo

Casablanca, the NYC of Morocco

Lesson 1. Inshalla is my favorite Arabic word. It means, if God wills. It is the way Moroccan people acknowledge that some things are out of our control.

Lesson 2. “Labais” The reply to, how are you? Labas….Meaning, good. fine.

Lesson 3. “Mzian” Again a reply to, how are you? … good/ great!

Mushmina’s Spring line of embroidered purses coming to you soon, inshalla!


These stinkin cute slippers make me happy! Available in 5 fun colors, put your orders in for our Fezi slippers.

xo Mushmina

Stinkin cute Fezi slippers!

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