March 19th: We passed through a breathtaking mountain pass and rolled into Guelmim, “the gate of the Sahara” at sunset. Leaving ourselves 1 hour to pick out fabrics for the whole year. Needless to say we extended our trip into the morning and were the first ones at the fabric shops.

Road to Guelmime

Gate of the Sahara

fuzzy pom pom cape...also available in cow print!

where we discovered some interesting fashion finds….

Let me just back track a bit to the start of our trip to the south of Morocco.

March 16-17: A five hour drive…and two nights in Essaouira. No better way to spend St. Patties Day weekend than on the roof of Taros restaurant with our British and Irish friends Mary and Alyson. Thanks gals! Placed some orders for funky new raphia shoes with our favorite Essa craftsman Sied.

March 18: 3.5 more hours and a great dinner and a night visiting with our American friends and sisters Maggie and Liz, who share the most adorable adjoining apts in the old Tiznit medina. They specialize in collectable Berber jewely … of course we bought some!

March 19: a morning meeting with our master metalsmith Ahmed. He invited us for lunch in true Moroccan hospitality. Picked up some new Sahara Collection jewlery and exchanged ideas for new pieces.  This year Ahmed was recognized by the Ministry of the Artisanat as one of Morocco’s master craftsmen. We are happy to be collaborating with him (time flies…for 3 years now).

Essa kicks...coming soon to the Mushmina shop.

Maggie's door. Tiznit medina

and then, further south we go….

Where have we been?

March 28, 2012

17 Days in Morocco and many miles. Here is a tidbit of our travels in the south.

March 20th. The easiest way to reach the Arazane assocociation…. as told by returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Ali.

“There’s a dirt path on your left before you come to the gas station. Take that left and go down a ways. Head straight through the 4-way “intersection.” there’s a path on your right but dont take that. Keep going. you’ll pass a hanut on your right (thats my hanut!) and a cement house with a blue door on yr left (my house!) and then come to a little dirt road on your right. Take a right there and head straight for a few houses. It’ll be on your right. The women keep the door cracked & there’s a sign with cookies and arabic writing. If you need help, just ask my hanut guy. ”

Piece of cake? -we found it! Thanks Ali for the great directions, and ladies for your amazing hospitality.

Arazane ladies, creators of the Butterly shirt and dress collection.

The group walking to lunch. Arazane, Morocco.

Flight Plan…

March 10, 2012

She’s off! Katie is on her way….

to bring you back some Morocco magic. Stay tuned.











Last Sale Day! TGIF

March 9, 2012

Ok put your orders in today! Katie is leaving for Morocco tomorrow.

Shop on for a Mushmina Orange Hobo or Mina today and we’ll even throw in a free zip wallet as a gift!

Free zip wallet with Mushmina purchase!

Bring on the weekend! 

It’s International Women’s Day! Today is a day to celebrate sisterhood, how far we have come, how far we have to go, and all the women that have helped pave the way.

…to name a few, Gloria Steinem, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, our grandmothers, our moms, my friend and spiritual guru Kumi Kilburn.

Photo by Robin Craig, Morocco 2011.









Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. That’s their natural and first weapon. She will need her sisterhood. -Gloria Steinem

3 Day Spring Sale!

March 7, 2012

Our Orange Mushmina Hobos and Minas are now on sale! 3 days only. Get yours before Katie sets off to Morocco.

Sale ends Friday…va va voom!

Oranges Sale!, Mina $75, Hobo $98 Minas $75, Hobos $98

To our very own retail store on 16th & South Street in Philadelphia!!!

Mark your calendars for the May 4th opening, inshallah. Thanks for all the support! Now we just have to figure out how to drive this truck. xo

The Mushmina Caravan

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