Where have we been?

17 Days in Morocco and many miles. Here is a tidbit of our travels in the south.

March 20th. The easiest way to reach the Arazane assocociation…. as told by returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Ali.

“There’s a dirt path on your left before you come to the gas station. Take that left and go down a ways. Head straight through the 4-way “intersection.” there’s a path on your right but dont take that. Keep going. you’ll pass a hanut on your right (thats my hanut!) and a cement house with a blue door on yr left (my house!) and then come to a little dirt road on your right. Take a right there and head straight for a few houses. It’ll be on your right. The women keep the door cracked & there’s a sign with cookies and arabic writing. If you need help, just ask my hanut guy. ”

Piece of cake? -we found it! Thanks Ali for the great directions, and ladies for your amazing hospitality.

Arazane ladies, creators of the Butterly shirt and dress collection.
The group walking to lunch. Arazane, Morocco.

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