Today as I was on the way back from Casablanca I was so parched I stopped to buy oranges on the side of the road. These are no ordinary oranges…these are 12 kilos of oranges. As fresh as you can get!

Freshly squeezed OJ

1. slice a few oranges in 1/2. Juice the orange (with a juicer) and add cold water and sugar if you desire.

mmmmmm! refreshing


There are just a few Mushmina bags and jewelry left at this great price! Get yours today, while we are making room for Fall 2012!

sneak peak from Mushmina Fall 2012 …

I am loving!

Last night I did some shopping myself. I bought an awesome Stukenborg Press ‘dice’ print and print of the city of Istanbul for our home.

Not a member? Join here…

Mushmina sale runs until tomorrow!

We wanted to give you fast rundown on the all this weekend’s fun activities.

Tonight! Join us at Mushmina (1540 South Street) for a night of culture and family with photos by Kwesi, collage works by Corey Compa, and graphics by Dustin Kemper.  5-9pm. The talented Kwesi Kankam will also be performing inside at 6 – 8pm. His music is a tapestry of relaxed grooves and melodic hooks that stay true to his world view and artistic nature.

Tomorrow: ART Gage Festival at  Philadelphia’s famous Magic Gardens. Celebrate Philly’s creativity! 1020 South Street. All day.

Also tomorrow, Mushmina summer blowout sale on We will keep you posted with details.

Happy weekend everyone!

Philly’s famous Magic Gardens

Mushmina now carries Beni Ourain carpets! But not for long. They are flying out our door! As seen in Elle Decor, these carpets may be hot this year, but will last a lifetime. Handknotted by women’s cooperatives in Morocco, we travel many miles to buy directly from the source. Put your orders in now. They are stunning!

Beni Ourain as seen in Elle Decor

6.2ft x 8.8ft Available at 1540 South St Philadelphia.

Ok another simple one..I’m all about keeping it easy.

Moroccan tomato salad. Peel 3 tomaotes and core. Chop up. Lay a green pepper over your stove flame until the skin chars (rotating in fire about 4minutes). Then with a knife scrape off burnt skin and cut up the pepper. Add to the salad for a sweet taste. Cut up one small red onion. Cilatro and parsley chopped up. Add salt, pepper, and cumin to you liking. Fresh olive oil and vinegar dressing and you are all set! Enjoy!

July 25th 2012

Here is what our ftour /breakfast looked like last night. BANANA JUICE!, nuts and dates, coffee, water, lemonade (of course), hard boiled eggs, cheese, zeluk  (refer to, tomato salad, fruit salad, bread, and other Moroccan pastries. MMMM good!

Banana Juice…mmmm!

July 25, 2012

More Ramadan treats…Ok this one is not rocket science but is a goodie.

Banana Juice. Chop up 2 bananas and put them in a blender with 2.5 cups of cold milk. 3 T of sugar and 1 T of cinnamon.

Blend! Serve with a pretty garnish… kiwi, orange, or lemon. Enjoy!

Moroccan Harira..yum!

July 23, 2012

Ok so there are a couple of variations on this….but I’ll share what I think is the easiest version. Straight from the Peace Corps Cookbook.

Ingredients: 1 t pepper, 200grams of chickpeas, 2 liters of water, 1 t ground ginger, 1T tomato paste, 5 tomatoes (peeled andn grated), 3T flour, 2 onions (finely chopped), 1/2 t salt, 2 beef bouillion cubes, 100 grams of lentils, 1 bunch of cilantro chopped, 1 beaten egg.

In a large saucepan cook the following over med heat for 30min: onions, pepper, salt, chickpeas, water, bouillon, ginger, and lentils (or use a pressure cooker for faster cooking). One by one add tomato paste, cilantro, & tomoatoes. In a small bowl mix flour and 1/2 C of the soup until creamy. Pour into saucepan and stir quickly. When flour mixture is absorbed, pour in eggs and stir. Serve with lemon juice drizzled on top.

Enjoy! Harira, a Ramadan staple.

Well Ramadan is officially upon us. In Morocco it started yesterday but I was too tired to write! Yes Ramadan means fasting from sunrise to sunset. It is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and a period of spiritual reflection and a time to thank our higher power for all the things we are grateful for in our lives. The name is taken from the word ramad which means that which means intensely heated by the sun. It was named this because fasting during the month is said to burn our sins away. whewww…Ramadan during the hot summer months is certainly a test of our willpower.

Stat tuned. Tomorrow, Moroccan recipes for Ramadan treats.


We are about to give our website a new look and today as I was searching through our old photos, this one brought me back in time….

This was our first website splash page and shows our very first Mushmina ‘handwriten’ labels. LOL. If you have a bag with one of these, it’s a Mushmina classic! Give us a shout out.  xo

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