4 days in Morocco

February 28, 2013

Katie landed on Monday. I think it is only Thursday, but we covered a lot of ground.

we would  like to share some adventures….!

New studio smaller

Katie sees the new Mushmina studio….

Dar Khalifa smaller

…located in a beautiful and famous house in Casablanca!

Spring Inspiration 2013 smaller

design inspiration for spring/summer and fall 2013

Viscose smaller

at the textile factory.

Feb 28 2013 Kenza's House smaller

and today a meeting with the women at Kenza’s





Everything is energy…. Match the frequency of the reality you want to create.

Happy Sunday!


Kafka, tuxedos, and TGIF!

February 22, 2013

There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction -Franz Kafka

Velvet Tux Leggings on shopify!

Prairie Underground Velvet Tux Leggings

Prairie Underground Velvet Tux Leggings

Girl Power in 2013!

February 18, 2013

Great meeting with Kenza today. Can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2013! The women are getting organized, talking about their vision, and looking to the future.



February 17, 2013

If you ever find yourself in Marrakech, you must stop in and see Morocco’s first Berber Museum.

Located inside the beautiful and famous Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech, LE MUSÉE BERBÈRE is a spectacular and informative place.

Many of the artisans we work with are from the Amazigh culture, Including our master metalsmith, Ahmed El Guerche of Tiznit.

Read more about the indigenous  people of Morocco here: Who are the Berbers?

We continue to be amazed and inspired. xo

Musee Berber smaller

Berber Vintage Coin Collection Necklaces

Berber Vintage Coin Collection Necklaces

It is the Holiday of Love in Morocco! Oh boy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are celebrating with your habiba/habibi!


The Habiba 'My Love' Pendant.

The Habiba ‘My Love’ Pendant.

Swiya b Swiya

February 11, 2013

Today is about girlfriends, sisters, neighbors…..

Swiya b swiya kay hml l’oued!” Little by little we fill the river.

Morocco 2012 (19)

Ladies tea in Morocco

Boujad April 10 017

Halima and Heather circa 2010.









The Women’s Circle Project

February 10, 2013

Created by our beloved friend Gwen Soffer,
The Women’s Circle is a place where women of all ages can join in on the journey of self-discovery with the unconditional support of other women. It is a safe space where women can begin to understand what limiting beliefs and patterns keep them from their full personal evolution. It is a supported container that allows us to come face to face with our fears and doubts so that we can live in our most bold and empowered selves.

Gwen’s latest project is to create a book of interviews from women of all ages about moments of transformation in their lives. You can submit your story of defining moments in your lives to help inspire other women! Please take a minute to read more about her mission as well as her Women’s Circle Healing Retreats, Chakra Healing workshops, and free self defense classes.


Thank you, Gwen! ♥


Gwen is also an amazing jewelry designer!


You can now shop our Fesi embroidered pillow collection on Anthropologie.com. Check them out here!

Also check out our fun word pillow collection, new in 2013 “My Love, Relax, and Sunshine!” Available at 1540 South Street and coming soon to Mushmina.com

stay cozy this weekend! xo

My love pillow picRelax smallerSunshine smallerEmbroidered Pillows 2013 smaller

We LUV Fab.com!

February 7, 2013

Here we go again! Winter Sale on Fab.com 3 Days only. Get ’em while they last!


Casa Clutch Black

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