I think it involves a Philadelphia Brass Band and some new/old jewels….

yes, I said a “brass band!” Something crazy and spectacular is brewing indeed.

Mushmina Katie O'Neill spring 2013

Why not spend Sundays feeding your soul?

I would like to share a few favorite books that I read and re-read to feed my soul.

1. The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale.  “Optimism, when applied to your life, develops strength and peace within you.”

2. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  “Don’t take anything personally”

3. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill “Just remember that dreamers have been the forerunners of all human progress.”

4. The Book of Secrets and Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra “Imagine that you can see infinite possibilities at all times.”

5. the great Persian poet Rumi. “What you seek is seeking you.”

Spend some time feeding your soul today. xo


Drop by drop we fill the river, nqta b nqta kay hml l’oued.

Day 1. After 3 years of looking for a workshop space, and the right timing, we now have keys!

We hung the our ‘We can Do It” sign and Mortaji painting. Loving that the space is tiled in black and white traditional Moroccan tiles.
Kenza and her daughter Khowla cleaned, lit incense and said, “until we have furniture one idea is that all women have to bring their own chairs” We had a good laugh about it! I said that’s a great idea….”no chair, you cant come in.” She said “no, you can come in, but you can’t sit!”  ha!! Kenza is always full of great ideas.

You too can get involved: Our ‘Kickstarter’ campaign will launch May 1 to help the ladies furnish the space with sewing machines & supplies. The Women’s Center will serve as a workshop and training space for women in the Oued Zem/ Khoribga/ Boujad region to learn new  skills; sewing, embroidery, computers, and maybe even some English!






wise words from Maharaji

April 16, 2013

“In my world nothing ever goes wrong.” -Nisargadatta Maharaji

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by yesterday’s events in Boston.


One thing I miss about living in the US is going shopping on Sundays. But thanks to Fab.com I discovered the art of online shopping. Yesterday from Morocco, I bought flowers delivered to my parents in NJ, curtains from West Elm, a boat cruise dinner on Groupon.

The wonders of online shopping! I’m admitting, I’m hooked.

You can now shop Mushmina online at:  https://mushmina.myshopify.com/


Mushmina feature of the week: The beautiful Mauritania Collection!


Mauritania Scarves

Mauritania Scarves

We would like to say a big Congratulations to our wonderful parents today, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!

They have taught us the meaning of love, life, and family …and continue to inspire us everyday. They have been our biggest cheerleaders, supporters, and are our foundation.

Much love on this very special Sunday.

xo Heather + Katie

Sunset Family Pics (15)

Sisters on the beach (3)

soft reds, interesting doors & textures ….a visit to Marrakech through Katie’s lens





“The goal of business, and of ancient Tibetan wisdom, and in fact all of human endeavor, is to to enrich ourselves -to achieve prosperity, both outer and inner.

Over the length of our lives we must seek ways to make this prosperity meaningful in a larger sense. ”

-from “The Diamond Cutter” a wonderful book! Given to me by a dear friend, every time I read it something new sinks in.


The ‘Betty’ Moroccan vintage teapot.


Mushmina online shopping is expanding! Check out our African Trade Collection of jewelry now online. Also 10-20% off winter items online and in the store.

Be sure to keep checking the website, we are adding new items daily… clothing from Mushmina and some of our favorite artisan brands like Odd Molly, Ace& Jig and Prairie Underground, bags from Marrakech & the Flying Camel, and we are expanding our vintage collection.

Wishing you a very Happy April!
xo Mushmina

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