This week in Moroco: The Women’s Training Center is in the works!

Drop by drop we fill the river, nqta b nqta kay hml l’oued.

Day 1. After 3 years of looking for a workshop space, and the right timing, we now have keys!

We hung the our ‘We can Do It” sign and Mortaji painting. Loving that the space is tiled in black and white traditional Moroccan tiles.
Kenza and her daughter Khowla cleaned, lit incense and said, “until we have furniture one idea is that all women have to bring their own chairs” We had a good laugh about it! I said that’s a great idea….”no chair, you cant come in.” She said “no, you can come in, but you can’t sit!”  ha!! Kenza is always full of great ideas.

You too can get involved: Our ‘Kickstarter’ campaign will launch May 1 to help the ladies furnish the space with sewing machines & supplies. The Women’s Center will serve as a workshop and training space for women in the Oued Zem/ Khoribga/ Boujad region to learn new  skills; sewing, embroidery, computers, and maybe even some English!






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