So amazing to have our friend photographer Heidi Roland here with us in Morocco, during Ramadan no less. Stay tuned for more pictures of the ladies, the workshop, foods of Ramadan, and Morocco’s vast expanses.

I love this shot of Zohra, our seamstress, (her son Youseff liked the camera too!) She is pictured here with new linen Mushmina tunics. Coming soon!


This is a dedication to my good friend Kumi, who taught me about creating an ‘Ideal Scene’…


Starting from the exact time that you wake up, write out your entire ideal day…

Describe everything. Your home. Your family. Your health. Your cars. Your vacations.

The way you generate income. Write out your perfect routine.

Fill it with details and MAKE IT VIVID.

This should really excite you because you are taking the first step toward creating your ideal future….

You create the person you want to be, where you want to live, who you want to be surrounded by, and even how you want to make your money.

By writing your Ideal Day down, you give it life. You give it tremendous momentum to move in your direction.

And remember to NEVER limit your ideas.

Enjoy your Sunday!


-read more from Richard Luck, life coach

Boucherouite Rag Rugs. How fun are these? colorful, bohemian, quirky. Made from our scrap fabrics. Moroccans are resourceful!

Read the about the history of Boucherouite in the lovely article about this collection in Hand Eye Magazine.







You can now buy these beauties online here!


Moroccan Boucherouite (9)












Moroccan Boucherouite (5)

We live with constant change

with daily demands for quick decisions

and automatic responses

Slow down.

Give yourself time to consider

to sort through complicated issues

to wait for responses

Patience calms our lives

it offers options.

-from It’s Never Too Late, simple acts to change your life.  by Patrick Lindsay


Today Ramadan is teaching me the value of patience.xo Heather

Watermelon anyone?

July 15, 2013

Tip #2 for surviving Ramadan in July


I mean how awesome is this fruit! You can carve it, make juice out of it, a good dose of vitamins A, B, and C …and refreshingly sweet. I am already anticipating sundown and the plate full of watermelon that is chilling in our fridge. mmmm basaha!


It is really hot and I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling today.

This time of quiet inward reflection is a good time to take up a new practice: YOGA! (Less energy needed than my normal run, and equal amounts of sweat)

Inspired by Wanderlust, Seane Corn DVDs came back with me from Vermont. Also a friend just told me about Yoga to the People. Free downloads here!

Keep calm and carry on…




If a tree could run or fly it would not suffer from the teeth of a saw or the blows of an axe.

If the Sun did not run across the sky the world would not see the colors of morning

If water did not rise from the sea plants would not be quickened by rivers of rain.

It is only when a drop leaves the ocean and returns- that it can find an oyster and become a pearl.  -Rumi

Today is the first day of Ramadan in Morocco! Leave behind what is sour and bitter -move toward what is sweet.

On today’s menu: ‘Mish mesh’ juice = apricot. mmmm

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