How to be a DREAM CHASER

This is a dedication to my good friend Kumi, who taught me about creating an ‘Ideal Scene’…


Starting from the exact time that you wake up, write out your entire ideal day…

Describe everything. Your home. Your family. Your health. Your cars. Your vacations.

The way you generate income. Write out your perfect routine.

Fill it with details and MAKE IT VIVID.

This should really excite you because you are taking the first step toward creating your ideal future….

You create the person you want to be, where you want to live, who you want to be surrounded by, and even how you want to make your money.

By writing your Ideal Day down, you give it life. You give it tremendous momentum to move in your direction.

And remember to NEVER limit your ideas.

Enjoy your Sunday!


-read more from Richard Luck, life coach

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