Life is good.

September 26, 2013

Just a quick update from the Flying Camel Workshop.

Sewing machines are tuned up and in their new home! Colorful chairs are bought. Life is good.

Flying Camel Workshop (4) Flying Camel Workshop (5)























Flying Camel Workshop (1) Mushmina Prayer Flags









302IMG_0619 (2)

When you see something great you have to buy it, even if you think….”What on earth do I need a vintage chalk board for?” Just buy it. Don’t hesitate.

Like in life, the opportunity will not be there again. You have to act.

Just another life lesson from the country flea…..

Enjoy your Super Soul Sunday. xo Heather

Mushmina Inspiration

Mushmina Inspiration

Turq door (2)

More Moroccan Teal!


A dear friend reminded me this morning that today marks the 10 year anniversary of Day 1 of the experience that would change my life in so many ways.

Peace Corps Morocco!

Morocco is the county where I found my passion, met my love, started a business, and have had so so many experiences and plates of couscous.

The journey continues… very grateful for it all!

textile presentation (2)

Color theory Women’s Workshop circa 2003.
with Halima, Boujad Morocco

It’s Sunday…

September 8, 2013


Happy September! Today is a fall -like day even in Morocco.

Our inspiration this month. Teal and wood. Enjoy!

Teal (2)

The inspiration, Moroccan teal!


NYNOW wholesale show August2013
Artisan Resources

Mushmina ShopFall 2013

Teal comes to the Mushmina shop.

Mushmina Sign

Mushmina now has a sign! Handmade by Katie herself, a reclaimed wood, handpainted sign. Come visit us!
1540 South Street. Philadelphia

In Celebration of Labor Day!

September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

“The Fair Trade Federation envisions a just and sustainable global economic system in which purchasing and production choices are made with concern for the well-being of people and the environment, creating a world where all people have viable economic options to meet their own needs. We seek to alleviate poverty by continually and significantly expanding the practice of trade that values the labor and dignity of all people.”

In honor of Labor Day and workers around the world, Check out the Fair Trade Federation and the amazing work they are doing!

Mushmina and the Flying Camel Women’s Workshop hope to become members this year!

labor Day

1. Is what I am about to say kind?

2. Is it true?

3. Is it necessary?

4. Does it improve upon the silence?

If you can answer yes to all four questions then your words will resonate with authenticity and love.

-from a conscious communication practice rooted in the Buddhist tradition. With Deepak Chopra

It’s Super Soul Sunday!

1093IMG_2309 (2)








Photography by the marvelous Heidi Roland.

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