Just got back from the workshop and had to share this.

Katie made the original skirt samples with the ladies’ beautiful embroidery.

Now the ladies of the Flying Camel are making the skirts from start to finish!

Place your orders now, these are all custom. Linen wrap skirts available in S, M, L.

info@mushmina.com for ordering.

DSC_0473 (2)







IMG_4897 IMG_4898


We are celebrating all kinds of holidays this week!

In Morocco: Sunday was the first day of Ramadan in Morocco! This week the menu included all kinds of fresh juices (my favorites are mint lemonade and fresh orange banana juice), dates, and my famous Moroccan  ‘zeluk’ ratatouille. Click here for the recipe from a 2012 Ramadan post!

In Philadelphia and the USA: Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend with family, friends, and food.

Our shop will be closed this weekend, but check out our facebook page for online summer promotions!

Love, Heather, Katie + the Mushmina team

ramadan Day 1 2014

Ftur ‘breakfast’ Ramadan Day One. 2014 With Heather + Mohammed in our home.

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