Creative Financing for Small Businesses @KivaZip

Mushmina has been in business 6 years and we know how difficult it is for small businesses to secure financing from traditional banks and lenders. Today we would like to share with you a special program called Kiva Zip. Kiva Zip is the sister program of the very popular, where individuals can make small loans to help people around the world. Kiva Zip is new this year and offers the same 0% financing for small business owners in expansion mode.

At Mushmina, we are not only blown away by the interest in our business from the people on the Kiva Zip network, but also by their generosity. We ourselves have become lenders and have enjoyed supporting some other great small businesses. Please check out this amazing program and help keep the abundance circulating. This week thanks to the generosity of the Zisman Foundation, all loans to our business will be matched up to $500!

Abundance and Gratitude abound!

The journey continues….Much love, Heather and Katie

Mushmina Sisters (2)
Sister love!
H&Kboat beer (2)
Behind the scenes sister shots. Medford Lakes 2011.
Katie working her stylist magic
Katie working her stylist magic
Are we that
Are we that short? xo

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