Fasting, Mindfullness, and Time for Reflection. It’s Ramadan in Morocco!

Today marks the first day of Ramadan. The holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world. I am not Muslim myself but I try to observe this holiday the best I can, to honor the culture of those around me in Morocco. It is not a easy month and I will admit I am daydreaming of being on a beach and eating cheeseburgers with family. But today I’m choosing to embrace this time of fasting, meditation, mindfullness, and a month to give your stomach a rest and thank the universe for what you have.

I am already looking forward to ftur, breaking the fast at sundown.

Two of my favorite foods.

1. Simply, Cherries!

2. Watermelon, mint, cucumber salad. Serve with balsamic. mmmmm

Bashaha! Enjoy

IMG_4667 (2)

IMG_4412 (2)

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