Fringe is in!

I have been getting phonecalls from many of the artisans who work with us this week. Why? To say Ramadan Kareem (Ramadan is generous!) and also to ask for work. It can be a long afternoon during Ramadan but if your hands are busy the time goes faster. I’m experiencing this myself, hence the resurrection of my blog posts! It’s Ramadan Day 3.

Today I don’t have any recipes for you but check out some of the work of the skillful leatherworkers of Morocco.

Fringe is in this season!

178IMG_2571 (2)

Rachid, the master leatherworker working on Mushmina braided straps.

Rachid and Mohammed, Leatherworkers (13)

Katie and Mohammed, Marrakech.

FullSizeRender (12)

Listen to your inner hippie. Fringe is in! More of these awesome bags arriving to our shops soon.

FullSizeRender (9)

Currently SOLD OUT but more Amber Brocade Minas are coming soon!

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