New moon, new month.

July 19, 2015

The first thing my husband wanted for breakfast yesterday was pancakes.

Yesterday was Eid, and marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan in Morocco. After 30 days of fasting during the day, the month ends with the sighting of the new moon. That means everyone is eating again, and happy again I might add!

If you have been following our blog you know it has been a humbling month. But I have heard others describe it that way. Fasting through the summer with heat in the 100s was no easy feat. It is a time of quiet reflection.

So now let summer begin!

Bring on the pancakes, lemonade, and cheeseburgers.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Silver Fila

Silver Filigree Full Moon Earrings

One of Morocco's famous  mosques.

One of Morocco’s famous mosques.

The Path to Grace Begins today. 

Deepak says, Religions define grace as an expression of pure love. But grace can mean many things. Grace can be how you carry yourself with inner dignity and beauty. Grace can be bestowing a gift on someone or showing forgiveness or mercy.

Today starts another of Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day meditations. The topic of this month’s meditation, Grace.

The subject of grace is a powerful topic and perfect timing as I reflect on this weeks events in Morocco. On Friday my daughter and I were in a very scary driving accident. We were rear ended by a truck while leaving Casablanca and our car was pushed off the road into a gully. Thankfully, Hiba was in her carseat and I was wearing a seatbelt, and we both walked away from this accident unharmed.

While in my last post I discussed reclaiming my identity and choosing not to fast although it is Ramadan, what I forgot is that everyone around me is fasting. This means driving in the afternoon becomes dangerous, but more then that it means that we are all connected.

I think the message I received this week was ‘slow down.’ Literally and spiritually. Ramadan is a time of quiet reflection and I have been in Morocco long enough to know that. So In my own way I decided to observe the fast this last week of Ramadan, turn inward, and give thanks for the fact that by God’s grace my daughter and I are ok.

The most powerful way to achieve grace is through gratitude. Shifting your perception to acceptance and appreciation.  When I am grateful , I find grace.  Check out Deepak’s wonderful (and free!) meditation this month.

Finding Grace…..


Today  marks the 21st day of Ramadan.

It has been in the 100s this week here in Morocco and I gave up fasting a long time ago.

I have to commend the willpower and steadfastness of Moroccans. Take my husband Mohammed for example. He never complains, barely sleeps, and works harder then anyone I know…all in 100 degree weather without eating!!!! If that is not willpower I don’t know what is. Mohammed is not overly religious, but he is spiritual. He thinks like many people do that fasting is good for the body and the soul. A period of resting if you will. We have seen him more at home this month, as many people take it easy in the afternoons, enjoy swimming, napping in the air conditioning, and other tasks that don’t exert too much energy.

And so with one hour until sundown and a napping family. I write.

I must admit I am feeling slightly guilty when ordering a smoothie this month as I did yesterday in Casablanca when I know everyone around me is fasting (yes some restaurants are still open for expats and children). I blame it on my 10 month old, who legitimately needs my attention and my energy. I speak fluent Arabic and people are always amazed by how much I have been able to integrate into my life in Morocco and Moroccan society. But there are some moments when I must reclaim my identity and drink a smoothie.

So how does an intercultural marriage work in Morocco and during Ramadan?

Mutual respect. I don’t eat around my husband during the day and he doesn’t discuss me not fasting.

So whats on our menu today, you ask? …..Patience and Peaches. 9 days to go.

Ramadan 2 Ramadan

Photography by Heidi Roland for Mushmina

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