New moon, new month.

The first thing my husband wanted for breakfast yesterday was pancakes.

Yesterday was Eid, and marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan in Morocco. After 30 days of fasting during the day, the month ends with the sighting of the new moon. That means everyone is eating again, and happy again I might add!

If you have been following our blog you know it has been a humbling month. But I have heard others describe it that way. Fasting through the summer with heat in the 100s was no easy feat. It is a time of quiet reflection.

So now let summer begin!

Bring on the pancakes, lemonade, and cheeseburgers.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Silver Fila
Silver Filigree Full Moon Earrings
One of Morocco's famous  mosques.
One of Morocco’s famous mosques.

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