An Infinite Sea of Energy, Soulful Sunday Messages from Morocco

I am a subscriber of Science of Mind Magazine. And because I am old school and like to read hard copies, these small and inspiration packed editions are sent to the Mushmina shop. If she has time, Katie reads them and then passes them to me to bring back to Morocco usually in my suitcase and sometimes by mail.

I woke up today exhausted from being the working mom of a 13 month old and in need of some inspiration. today’s daily affirmation….

Sunday October 4, 2015.

Today’s message is about energy and union with Source Power. It explains that sometimes we get disconnected from the universe’s source energy, but that does not mean it is not there. “If the pipe that conducts water from a reservoir to our homes becomes disconnected, it does not mean that the water has dried up at it’s source. It’s source is an infinite sea of energy, of power, of love, of wisdom.”

Take a moment to recharge today. Breathe. Connect to nature or do whatever you do to recharge your batteries. Isn’t that what Sunday is for?

Heather + Katie O'Neill Mushmina (24)Katie O'Neill Mushmina (67)

Countryside of Boujad, Morocco. Photography by Heidi Roland.


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