Saturday Style…4 Fall Looks You’ll Love

Mirrah’s Style Guide. 4 Fall Looks You’ll Love

Who’s Mirrah, you ask? If you don’t know her, she’s been an integral part of the Mushmina team, lending her expertise as a stylist, assistant buyer and all-around fashion guru, since 2013.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with her, here’s a glimpse of what you’ve been missing.

Four Fall looks that are sure to make your wardrobe a place you cherish.

Fur and Fringe

Look 1: Fur & Fringe
Knits from Ayni, a new line to Mushmina’s Boutique, handmade in Peru! F
Visit our online store for:
Leather Fringe Bags & Prairie Underground Cigarette Leggings

Vests and Vintage

Look 2: Vests & Vintage
Don’t miss out on the Ace&Jig reversible vest only 3 left! Along with one of a kindVintage Enameled Birds, felted floppy hat by Ayni, and
Prairie Underground Girdle Leggings.

Cozy lace knits

Look 3: Cozy Lace Knits
Fall is all about layering! Prairie Underground Le Fay Hoodie styled with Della Tent Dress, Cleo Tree Brass & Wood Necklace, Odd Molly Lace knit bell bottoms, and Ayni handmade crop top, available in store.

Structure and Texture

Look 4:  Structure & Texture
Ghost Rider Jacket, paired with the  Ace&Jig Lighthouse Top,
Free Man necklace, and Mushmina’s Casablanca Clutch.
Stay tuned for more style advice from Mirrah!

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