Sunday, Seafood, and Quirky Morocco

What do I love about Sunday?

New Adventures.

Last Sunday my family and I found ourselves in Skirat Morocco, a sleepy little fishing town on the Atlantic. I have been to the beach a few times before but never before to the Skirat port.

Part of what I love about living in Morocco is the adventure and the discovery of new places. You slip through a small unsuspecting doorway, down a few steps, and find yourself in the middle of a crazy, bustling little port. Cats, dogs, people, fish…everyone is there. The fishermen have pulled their boats in for the day and have now set up stalls with their morning bounty.

King crabs, tuna, sole, sardines, and calamari. We are in seafood heaven! For 300dh, $30 we buy fish for the day’s lunch and to bring home with us for week.

Next you walk steps from the port and they prepare your lunch for you. Grilled fish, Moroccan salad, baskets of bread and families fill the plastic chairs. This place is no fuss. Simply fresh fish …and a view of the ‘Titanik’

Come eat Morocco style….just be sure to leave your leftovers for the cats.

Mushmina Morocco Fish Market (1)
Mushmina Morocco Fish Market (4)
Mushmina Morocco Fish Market (3)
Mushmina Morocco Fish Market (2)
File 11-1-15, 1 58 46 PM
File 11-1-15, 1 47 08 PM

What’s on the menu this Sunday you ask? Fish sandwiches and snuggling. It’s a rainy Sunday in Morocco.

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