The Act of Serving, a Day with Peace Corps Morocco

This week, reminders ‘service’ seemed to be following me.

On Wednesday, I woke to a beautiful birthday message from my sister Katie about how my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco sparked a beautiful journey that later became the business we created to employ artisans. I’m not going to lie, I cried. Thanks Katie!

As luck would have it on my birthday (Nov 11, Veteran’s Day…speaking of service)  I was invited to participate in the Peace Corps annual Thanksgiving celebration for volunteers in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and always a hard time to be away from family, so I was so grateful to spend this special day with more then 100 volunteers who are currently serving in Morocco for a pre-Thanksgiving potluck feast. It was coordinated by PC Director Ellen, and her wish was for volunteers to gather and have a taste of ‘home.’ Mission accomplished. Thanks Ellen. I met some great people of all ages and was inspired by stories of peace and progress…. cultural exchange programs, women’s cafes, building job skills and women’s training centers. The list of great projects goes on…

Have you ever met a Peace Corps volunteer? Their energy is refreshing! Some of these volunteers traveled 15 hours (on a souk bus) to be together. wow! That used to be me.

I am now 10 years out of the Peace Corps. A lot has happened in ten years. Moving home, grad school, moving back to Morocco. The birth of Mushmina!

I’m not going to lie. Starting and running a business  has not been easy. Like other small businesses we have our challenges and some days are really difficult . Katie said to me this week, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” And so, this week I am reminded of my roots of ‘service.’ Cheers to Peace Corps Morocco, where I first learned the meaning of service and in the meantime found my passion, purpose, and a second country to call ‘home!’

So as we approach Thanksgiving I am grateful for so much. Bring on the holidays and remember to shop Mushmina in support of #smallbusiness  #artisanbusiness. Because service is why we do what we do. #laboroflove #handmade

Symbols of 2 countries and peace hangs in the volunteer's lounge. Designed by my friend Josh Haynes 10 years ago.
Symbols of 2 countries and peace hangs in the volunteer’s lounge. Designed by my friend Josh Haynes 10 years ago.
Ellen, the current PC Director and I
Ellen, the current PC Director (in a Mushmina tunic!) and I
Pot luck!
Happy faces and Pot luck!
The walls of service, in Rabat Morocco
A happy Mushmina customer
Brenda, a volunteer and happy Mushmina customer. Hand made prayer necklace. Employing and empowering women in Morocco.

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