Jasmine, Weaving Beauty, and Spinning a New World

In the spirit of community, women’s empowerment, and transformation…

“Women have been coming together in circle since ancient times. In fact, the very survival of a tribe depended on the cooperation and collaboration of women. Often they gathered to weave fabric: singing while fusing images from the natural world into the cloth and storytelling while interlacing the tales through the threads.”

The Aluna Adventures team are teaming up with us this Fall for ‘Weaving Beauty,Spinning a New World’ Women’s Circles’ at Mushmina. Join us in expressing our creative nature, using our hands and hearts and being guided in a meditative Yin yoga practice. Visit the event page for dates, tickets, and more info about this powerful fall series.

splash draft.jpg

The countdown is on, 3 weeks until our QVC debut! 
This week: Meet Miss Jasmine Hobo. Hand drawn textile by Mushmina co-founder Katie. This pattern was inspired by the beautiful Jasmine flower and the vast and varied landscapes of Morocco. This collection is limited edition and will be available on QVC on 9.9.16 at 2pm EST.

Jasmine Bag.jpg

Did you know that Katie hand draws each of our fabric patterns before they are put into a computer and onto a jacquard loom?

Image (1).jpg

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.-Deepak Chopra


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