Cars, Colors, and Cuban Culture

I recently spent a week on the island and as usual when I travel the thing I was most impressed with was the people. Cubans are as wildly spirited as the colors of their country which is necessary for their otherwise challenging day to day life in this socialist setting. Candy colored cars from the 50’s have been hacked to life as your vehicle on this journey. The weather and the foliage are tropical and architecture charmingly dilapidated. The billboards boast signs of the revolution- “Socialismo o Muerte” as the locals welcome tourists into their homes with a sweet demeanor that softens their strong resourcefulness in finding their own way. Garages and porches have been transformed into tasty restaurants and contemporary galleries and the nightlife of rum drinks, cuban jazz and salsa rock the city to sleep for yet another night. Though I only got to visit the city of Havana and the white sand beaches of the east, I was made to feel at home in Cuba and was surprised by the hardships of it’s past, the prospects of it’s future, and the ‘paciencia’ and spirit of the present moment, rapidly changing though still captured in time like a photo.

My advice for travelers is to learn with an open heart and take a break from your cell phones as the best and only connection there is the present moment.

With love,
Katie O’Neill
Creative Director, Mushmina
Photos from my personal trip. January 2017.













































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