Being a Better Version of Ourselves

Yesterday marked half way through the spiritual month of Ramadan. 1.7 billion people in the world are fasting from sunrise to sundown. A colleague recently wrote on the topic, “Ramadan is really about the fast of your soul and mind, not only of the body. Be a better person and reconnect with the spiritual life to achieve better versions of ourselves.” Myriam Alami

I am not fasting this year, but I can appreciate the spiritual reflection that this month brings. It is a quieting, a time to turn inward, give thanks of all life’s bounty, and spend time with family. At sundown tables are covered in dates, fresh fruit and juices, tea, and a feast of life’s sweetness.

While I am not religious, I have always been a spiritual seeker. You might conclude, perhaps we are in this world to experience contrasts -with life’s sweetness, there is also sadness.

In light of the recent events in London and around the world I can say with all my heart that there is nothing religious or Islamic about the actions of extremists and groups of people who thrive on violence and fear. These actions do not represent anything that I have come to know about Muslim people.

Having spent more then a decade living and working in a country and culture far from my own, I can say that I am humbled daily. I have learned about spirit, serving others, and surrender. Moroccan people have taken me in and become my second family. They have taught me how to see the world through a different lens and for their sweetness I am forever grateful.

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

With love and peace,

Heather O’Neill


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